English – Muslims in Switzerland 2004

Chapter I: The Islamic concept of minorities
I. Division inside the Land of Islam
1) Muslims
2) People of the Book
3) Apostates
4) Polytheists
5) Particular statute of Arabia
II. Division between Land of Islam and Land of misbelief
1) Classic religious border
2) Classic religious border and migration
3) Present religious border
4) Religious border and present migration
Chapter II: Minorities in Switzerland
I. Protection of minorities in general
II. Linguistic and ethnic minorities
III. Religious minorities in Switzerland
IV. Recognition of “Islam” by Switzerland
1) Recognition by the public
2) Recognition by authorities
3) Recognition of Switzerland by the Muslim
V. Freedom of religion and worship
1) Freedom to adhere
A) Islamic norms
B) Swiss norms
2) Religious brands
A) Islamic norms
B) Swiss norms
3) Freedom of opinion
A) Muslim norms
B) Swiss norms
4) Holidays, prayers and fasting of Ramadan
A) Islamic norms
B) Swiss norms
5) Mosques and religious personnel
A) Islamic norms
B) Swiss norms
6) Ritual slaughtering
A) Muslim norms
B) Conflict with the Swiss norms

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