English – Muslims’ concept of law and its impact on Western Europe

Part 1. Reasons behind the conflicts between Muslims and the West 3
1) Number and geopolitical importance 3
2) Importance of the religion 4
3) Different concept of the law 5
Three concepts of the law 6
Where do Muslims find God’s will? 10
System of the personality of the law 11
Application of Islamic law in the time and the space 12
Fundamentalists desire an integral return to Islamic law in all fields 12
Echo among Muslim minorities in the West 15
Claim of the application of the Islamic law in the Countries of immigration: integration or disintegration? 16
Part 2. Conflicting fields: case of Switzerland 17
Multiconfessional Country 17
Inapplicable personality of the laws in Switzerland 18
Conflicting norms in the field of family law 18
Liberty of religion and expression 18
Vacations, prayers and fast of Ramadan 18
Ritual butchery 19
Mosques and religious personnel 19
Initiative against the construction of minarets 19
Norms of attire 20
Muslim cemeteries in Switzerland 21
Part 3. Remedies proposed by the moderate Muslim liberals 22
1) To cut the Koran in two 23
2) To keep to the Koran and to throw out the Sunnah 23
3) Distinction among the Shari’ah and the Fiqh 24
4) Mohammed is the last prophet 25
5) To cut the umbilical cord 25
6) And if God were in Rimini to tan? 25
7) What did Moses do on the Sinai Mountain? 26
8) And what if we call God? 26
9) What do fundamentalists think about liberals? 26
Part 4. Remedies proposed by the westerners 27
1) Interreligious dialogue 27
2) To prepare experts 27
3) To redefine the revelation 27
4) To be firm and coherent 28
5) Mixed marriages 28
6) Religious liberty: the right to change religion 29
7) Integration or disintegration… up to the death 29
8) Naturalization and immigration in the respect of the laws 30

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