English – Islamic concept of law and its impact on circumcision comparative study with Judaism and Christianity

1) Different concepts of law 3
A) Jewish concept of law 3
B) Christian concept of law 3
C) Islamic concept of law 3
D) Echo of Islamic concept of law outside Muslim countries 4
2) Impact of the religious concept of law on male and female circumcision 5
A) Jewish position 5
B) Christian position 6
C) Muslim position 8
D) Mandaean (Sabeian) position 10
3) Relation between religion and medicine 10
A) Circumcision: divine order, not medical 10
B) Circumcision proves religion’s veracity 11
C) Circumcision has no relation to religion 11
D) Physicians must not take account of religion 11
4) Relation between religion and law 12
A) Omission of male circumcision in important international documents 12
B) Religious and cultural rights 12


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