English – Circumcision – myth of the difference 2003

I. Religious justification of the distinction
1. Debate among the Jews
A) The Bible
B) Recent debate
2. Debate among the Christians
A) The New Testament
B) Recent debate
3. Debate among the Moslems
A) The Koran and the Sunnah
B) Recent debate around male circumcision
C) Recent debate around female circumcision
II. Medical justification of the distinction
1) Harmful effects of male and female circumcision
2) Sexual consequences of male and female circumcision
3) Pseudo-health benefits of male and female circumcision
A) Cleanliness
B) Masturbation
C) Prevention of venereal disease
D) Penile and cervical cancer
E) Phimosis and paraphimosis
F) Urinary tract infection
III. Political reason behind the distinction
1) The principle of physical integrity
2) Differences
3) Medical benefits
4) Respect of the will of others

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