English – Circumcision – Muslims genitalia 1998

Chapter I: Circumcision in the Koran
1. Importance of the Koran
2. What does the Koran say about male and female circumcision?
Chapter II: Positions of Muslim authors
1) In the beginning was free decision
A) Male circumcision in the time of Muhammad
B) Female circumcision in the time of Muhammad
2) Scare interest and contradictions among classical jurists
3) Some examples of the positions of classical authors
4) Opinions of classical authors and the reality
5) Opening of the discussion today
Chapter III: Religious Arguments of the different trends
1) The Koran
A) “Commands” refers to the Circumcision of Abraham
B) “Color” refers to circumcision as a substitute for baptism
C) Interpretation of the Koran’s silence in light of the perfection of the creation
2) The Sunnah
A) Importance of the sunnah
B) Hadiths quoted in favor of male and female circumcision
C) Position of those rejecting the sunnah
3) Religious norms of the previous nations
A) Definition
B) Text of the Gospel of Barnabas
C) Story of the circumcision of Hagar by Sarah
4) Circumcision is necessary for purity and prayer
5) Circumcision implies necessity because it implies cutting of a member and showing pudenda
6) Circumcision a sign for Muslims
7) Circumcision as reducing of the pleasure and maintaining chastity
8) Majority of Muslim countries abandoned female circumcision
9) Links between male/female circumcision and harm
A) To apply the norm for the norm’s sake
B) The norm has benefits unknown to reason
C) Neither misdeed nor interdiction
D) To maintain the custom in the absence of misdeeds
E) Permitted but soon to be forbidden because of adverse consequences
F) It must be forbidden
Chapter IV: Consequences of non-circumcision
1) Prayers, Pilgrimage, Testimony and Slaying of the uncircumcised
2) Marriage
3) Constraint
Chapter V: The operation
1) Age
2) Persons born or converted circumcised
3) Hermaphrodite and persons with two penises
4) Circumcision of a dead person
5) The circumciser
6) The operation
A) Male circumcision
B) Female circumcision


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