English – Circumcision – Jehovah and his cousin Allah 1996

Introduction: Muslims are the major mutilating group
Chapter I. General remarks on male and female circumcision
1. Male circumcision
2. Female circumcision
3. Circumcision of the hermaphrodite
4. Age for male and female circumcision
5. Practice of male and female circumcision
Chapter II. Religious arguments
I. The Bible is the major basis for male circumcision
II. Christians abandon the obligation of male circumcision
III. Male circumcision in the Islamic sources
1. General remarks
2. Male and female circumcision in the Koran
3. Male and female circumcision in the Sunnah
4. The Gospel of Barnabas
5. Qualification of circumcision in Muslim law
Chapter III. Reason supporting religion: advantages and disadvantages
I. Male circumcision
1. Advantages of male circumcision
2. Disadvantages of male circumcision
II. Female circumcision
1. Advantages of female circumcision in compliance with the Sunnah
2. Disastrous consequences of any kind of female circumcision
III. Religious circles confronted with Reason
1. To apply the norm for the norm’s sake
2. The norm has benefits unknown to reason
3. Neither misdeed nor interdiction
4. To maintain the custom in the absence of misdeeds
5. Permitted but soon to be forbidden because of adverse consequences
6. It must be forbidden
Chapter IV. Legal prohibition of male and female circumcision
I. Prohibition of male circumcision
II. Prohibition of female circumcision
Chapter V. Strategies to stop circumcision
I. Scientific information and religious arguments
II. Humour and sarcasm
Conclusion: Some fundamental points
1) Male and female circumcision is a question of principle:
2) Differences between male and female circumcision
3) Medical benefits
4) God’s orders and the respect of others’ will


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