29 septembre 2011: Conference Leiden: Muslims’ concept of law and its impact on Western Europe

I will give a lecture Thursday 29 September 2011 between 17.15-19.00. Title of the lecture: Muslims’ concept of law and its impact on Western Europe.

The first 45 minutes/1 hour is reserved for the lecture, the second 45 minutes/an hour is reserved for questions and discussions. The address is: Lipsius building, lecture room 228, Cleveringaplaats 1, Leiden.

Short abstract of my lecture:

There are three concepts of law: democratic concept, dictatorial concept and religious concept. The religious concept of law is the main reason of the conflict between Muslims and their own States, and between Muslims and the Western states where they live. This conflict covers almost all aspects of life from birth to death as Islam, contrary to Christianity, is a legal religion which regulates every aspect of life. I will give some examples from Switzerland and show the remedies proposed by Muslim liberals and those proposed in the West. These remedies prove that without fundamentally changing the Islamic religion itself, there is no solution to the conflict neither in the Muslim countries nor in the West.

About myself: Sami Aldeeb Abu-Sahlieh: Christian of Palestinian origin. Swiss citizen. Doctor of laws. Habilitated to direct researches (HDR). Professor of universities (CNU-France). Responsible for Arab and Islamic Law in the Swiss Institute of Comparative Law (1980-2009). Director of the Centre of Arab and Islamic Law. Visiting professor in different Swiss, Italian and French universities. Translator of the Koran into French. See my website: https://www.sami-aldeeb.com/

Text of the conference

English – Muslims’ concept of law and its impact on Western Europe 2011

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